It's All About You !

It's All About You !
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Sunday, 7 August 2011

what are my plans for this week ?

Im in serious need of some large plastic boxes with lids to store a lot of the stuff i have removed from the 3 rooms ive been working on up to the loft.

here is where the money part comes into the project...

i need a shower rail the width of the shower room,

I need to fill all the holes where weve moved shelves ect in the walls and tiles.

i need a tin of paint to create a painted border in the bedroom

I need to paint the showers corner shelves and maybe the wall shelves too, wel see.

possibly paint the bathroom ceiling blue ?

possibly paint mirror frame in bedroom ?

get a longer length of tv ariel cable

i need at least 3 boxes, probably more but il get a few at a time

I will be purging and selling some craft stuff on face book so if anyones interested you can check it out, look me up, wendy jacobs.

So it looks like another busy week ahead, i just wish it was done so i could start somewhere else :)
i love the challenge of creating new looks on a tight budget by simply re using what you already have and just dressing it a little differently, roll on the next project xxx

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