It's All About You !

It's All About You !
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Friday, 5 August 2011

Graphics Disclaimer

From time to time il be adding new headers or creating headers for topics in paint shop pro, it has been a love of mine for around ten yrs now and ive been neglecting it apart from headers for my website so i intend to do a few and throw them in here and there.

Please dont be put off by the use of some of the graphics i may use, they are not meant to offend anyone, i see the beauty in most things and have gone way beyond what a devious mind can create.

So without futher ado, heres my disclaimer for those of you who may have any queries about any of the graphics i use....

All of the art i create is done in paintshop pro using tubes, tubes are cut outs of other people creations or art work that is shared for the most part with permission to adjust and create new works of art.
I do not claim the art as my own, but i do take pride in it and will except compliments :)
If you have any futher questions please approach me in a civil manner
thankyou x

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