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It's All About You !
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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Busy, Busy , Busy

Ive spent the last couple of weeks creating a home station which consists of several binders and umpteen note books , plus some file storage boxes.
Ive concentrated on things by their importance and have filed them accordingly, im looking forward to sharing them with you once i get everything up to date and filled in.

So far i have a Family file consisting of important and emergancey phone numbers, medical histories and many other day to day uses.
It also contains budgeting and ideas how to save money in every area possible, it contains many lists and notes for me to still attend too but its coming along nicely.

I also created a Utilities file where i have added all my utilities for the past two yrs, after two yrs they get destroyed.

Then the one il be enjoying very soon is my Occasions file, full of ideas for christmas, including a budget for gifts, gift ideas, the best time to start planning and putting things into practice, im really excited about that one.
It was going to just be a xmas file until i realised that i could apply all my good ideas and budgeting skills to every special occasion so it made sense to keep it all together.

So although its been a bit of a chore and a lot of headaches trying to think of everything, its all coming together nicely and will be of tremendous assistance to us all once compleated. I have to admit that now the files are being filled im actually enjoying the process and will continue to add things until im satisfied we have everything we need in the one place, no more letters laying on my benches for us, grrrrr.
Looking forward to sharing more on this with you all soon xxx

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