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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Clutter free gift ideas

Last year i enjoyed creating baskets and home made things as gifts for the family which went down a treat, only i found it hard to budget them as i wasnt used to being on such a tight budget and if it didnt look much, i just kept adding things.
Dont get me wrong, it wasnt a fortune, but it wasnt quite on budget either so this yr i really need to set a budget amount for each person and stick to it.

I know it may seem crazy talking about gift ideas now but because i amaon a tight budget i can only afford to get or make one gift at a time (weekly ) so i really needed to be thinking of ideas now and get a start on it, especially with all the birthdays weve had lately too.

So i did a search for gift ideas and here is some suggestions that i came across....

Homemade cookies/brownies
Homemade frozen dinners
(for new moms especially)
Gift basket of gourmet coffees and teas that you've assembled yourself

Homemade coupon book of coupons good for things such as…

  • · Breakfast in bed
  • · Night of babysitting services
  • · Home cooked favorite meal and a movie
  • · Lawn cutting
  • · Garage / basement clean up assistance
  • · Shovel the driveway and sidewalk

A book of car wash coupons from a local auto salon
Assemble a person’s photo album for them

Movie theatre coupons
Tickets to a play
Tickets to an art exhibition
Tickets to a concert
Tickets to the symphony
An evening with a personal chef or chef service for a year
A weekend at a bed and breakfast
A night at a nice local hotel
Season tickets (or a partial season package) to a local sports team
Airline tickets to come and visit you!
Hot air balloon ride
Gift certificate for a spa day OR just a single massage (Check out Spa Finders!)
Gift certificate for dinner out

For those with a bigger budget, i might suggest ...

Dance lessons/classes
Music lessons
Magic lessons
Session(s) with a personal trainer
Yoga classes
A self-defense class
Cooking classes
Foreign language class
Computer classes
Certificate for continuing education

Pre-pay for the person’s next hair or nail salon visit at their regular salon
Gift certificate for a family portrait
A car detailing package
Housekeeping services one time or monthly for a whole year (I'd love this one!)
Consultation with a professional organizer (only if the person has asked for or it, says they’d love it!)

A museum membership
Membership to a gym (maybe split one with them)
Tickets to or a membership to an aquarium
A membership to a shooting range
Season pass to an amusement park OR single tickets

Gift card for iTunes music downloads
Pre-paid phone calling card

Computer software that the person’s been talking about buying
Netflix and Blockbuster certificates ( )

I hope that you can find something in this list to help you out next time your stuck for gift ideas :) x

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