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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Accessory Dots from Hollywood Fashion Secrets

I was checking through some makeup and beauty blogs today and i discoverd a fantastic accessory item both for beauty and fashion plus home use too.

This post was written by karen over on the makeup and beauty blog.

They’re super sticky little double-stick tape dots that adhere to bare skin and clothing to hold fabric in place. Mostly, I use ‘em to keep the ends of my belts from hanging down, but they’re also great for closing gaps in shirts, and for securing scarves, jewelry, shoe straps and falling hems.

They’re pretty easy to remove when you’re finished with them and don’t leave behind a residue on skin or clothes. Just peel and throw away. :)

I keep at least a couple of them in my purse for wardrobe malfunctions and quick adjustments. Sometimes they come in really handy!

i really need to invest in some of these little beauties, just goes to show i dont get out and about enough to have missed out on them , i only hope they do these or something similar over here in the uk.

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