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It's All About You !
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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Time for a catch up

Appologies my friends for my lack of time and posts here the past few months, i have been desperately trying to improve my health and mind as ive been stuck in a big rutt with myself for sometime time.

Im dissapointed that the website isnt really going any where and ive just about given up on it though it breaks my heart as theres so much useful information on it.
I have decided that should i decide to let it go altogether, i will share some of the information here first, kind of like a diary for myself and anyone else who might be interested, infact it wouldnt be such a bad idea to do that anyway :).

Ive been trying to deal with a lot of anxiety lately as my world is about to change yet again finacially by the end of this month and i have my appeal to go through also, so ive been channeling my anxiety into changing and cleaning the house.
Since monday ive been changing what was marks bedroom, bathroom and passage , suprisingly after a lot of furniture shifting, taking down shelves and moving them else where, adding old shelves and a few new pieces i bought last year, the 3 rooms are finally starting to take shape.

So far i havent spent a penny which is suprising for how different everything looks, but unfortunately i will have to get a few bits and pieces just to finish off.
Obviously il have a lot of hole filling to do and some paint touch ups, (not sure if i still have any of the rooms paint left, must check )
Im wanting to add a band of colour in the bedroom just to break up all the blue so il need to buy a tin of paint, i also need a large throw for the bed that will be used like a settee unless we get guests staying over.

If i do have to buy blue paint for touch ups, im gonna paint the bathroom ceiling with it as well, oh and the biggest thing id like to have done is the bathroom tiles painted, but wel have to see how the pennies go :(.

Other than that ive been turning the passage into a laundry room, the tumble driers in there now but im waiting for the washer to be plumbed in, not sure when.
The shelves are up, i just need one picture put up and a new washing basket and i think its about done.

The worst part of doing the three rooms is that i had originally used marks room as a craft / guest room, i had filled it full of goodies last year, anything to keep it from being dorment and the crafts kept it colourful and cheery.
Well my concentration span has just about phased out to nil, and i hadnt created anything in such a long time, so i decided it was time to strip it back and clear it out.

I have a big basket of stuff to try and sell on face book , though i have kept some stuff that i know il use around christmas time or for special gift wrapping ect, so consiquently im left with a barrage of baskets and boxes of stuff to sort through and find homes for as they are stuck in my new laundry room until i do grrr.

Seriously guys and girls, my house needs the biggest clear out, so hopefully i dont burn myself out as ive been working till 10 and 11 pm most nights and i can keep up the good work and go right through the house, funny thing is i actually enjoy it, especially the end result :).

Anyway, thats enough of my waffling for now, i just thought id let you know what ive been up to, feel free to let me know what youve been up to. xxx

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