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It's All About You !
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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Top 10 Ways to Start Living the Frugal Life

1. Befriend the Library

Buying books and movies gets expensive, and even renting can add up. Take a trip to your local library; and you'll find all of the latest books and movies available free of charge. Still like the idea of renting? Then, give Redbox a try. Rentals are just $1 a night, so the damage to your budget will be minimal

2. Clip Coupons

Take the time to clip coupons for the grocery items that you buy regularly, and shave an easy 25% off of your weekly grocery bill. Want to save even more? Find a grocery store in your area that doubles coupons, and make that your store of choice.

3. Eat Out Less Often

Eating out is fun, but far more expensive than eating at home. Challenge yourself to eat at home more often – even if it's just once more a month, and watch your bank account grow. Then, find ways to minimize the cost of eating out when you do decide to treat yourself.

4. Switch to Online Bill Pay

Save yourself a stamp, and avoid late fees by paying your bills online. You can pay direct to your creditors, or set up automatic bill pay with your bank; and take yourself out of the equation entirely.

5. Group Errands

Reduce your gas bill by grouping your errands and only driving when you need to. For even more savings, consider biking or walking when you don't have far to go.

6. Make Your Own Cleaners

Homemade cleaners work just as well as store-bought cleaners and at a fraction of the price. Stock up on basic cleaning agents like vinegar and baking soda; and you'll be ready for any cleaning task that comes your way.

7. Seek Freebies

Freebies are fun and budget-friendly. Look online for a wide-array of free offers, and enjoy a mailbox bursting with goodies. Like to try new products? Then, this is a particularly good savings strategy for you.

8. Wash in Cold

Cut your electric bill substantially by washing your laundry in cold water. Your clothes will still come out clean, and your hot water heater won't have to work nearly as hard.

9. Flip a Switch

Reduce your electric bill even further by turning off lights and other electronics when they aren't in use. It may seem like a small thing, but you're sure to see the difference on your next electric bill.

10. Change Your Own Oil

Skip the quick lube, and change your own oil. You'll reduce your tab to the price of oil and a filter, and maybe even save time too – quick lubes aren't always as quick as the name suggests.

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