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It's All About You !
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Sunday, 7 August 2011

fashion accessories you should not live without

What a fabulous idea,
3 items i dont have in my bag but would love to get my hands on, i think a trip to super drugs is on the cards.

These items are ...

Hollywood Fashion Tape

They’re transparent, stretchy, super sticky strips of tape designed to adhere to textiles and skin without leaving a residue.

Miss Oops Lint Roller with refill

use it to remove cat hair, dandruff and random bits of lint on clothing.

Shout Portable Wipes

They’re stain-removing towelettes that comes 12 to a box in individually wrapped packets.

Just tear open one of the packets, and rub the moistened sheet (soaked with an effective stain remover) on the stain.

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what do you keep in your bag for emergancies ?

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