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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Xmas Gift Ideas For Him

Buying for the men in your life doesnt have to be a chore, i often here my kids say, "oh what can i get my dad, hes so hard to buy for".

Well firstly id reccommend considering what if any hobbies they have,
for example ...

Is he into sports ?
if so what type of sports and what can you get him that may bennefit his favourite hobby or sport.

Is he an armchair sportsman ?,
does he like games consoles and games, if so its still not too late to compare prices on line for both consoles and games, and if your pushed for cash, there are always places like ebay and your second hand shops, so theres no need to be stuck for putting a smile on his face.

Dont be fooled ladies, men can be just as vain as us, most men love new clothes, but try matching their taste with your dress sense lol.

A new jacket never comes in wrong,
That famous xmas jumper that they all laugh about, they love that kinda thing lol, its a great conversation piece, and if you cant afford to buy one, take up a new hobby next year and learn how to kit him one :).

As men mature, some will like the disdinguished look, so a nice scarf and glove set is ideal, our younger mem enjoy these too as they are classed as a fashion statement so you cant go wrong with these items.

If your man works, consider his job and how you might be able to help him out with his day to day running of things.

You may want to consider a new brief case, a filofax, some stationairy and any other bits and pieces you feel might be of use to him.

If he is a labourer and works with his hands, why not consider some new tools of his trade.
If you cant afford power tools, then think sml but useful, hammers, levels, screw drivers, plumlines, tape measures ect ect, the list can go on and on.
Dont forget the lunch box and flask and any new gadgets they have to help assist him in his daily routine at work.

Men love Gadgets,
they are like big kids and love to tinker and conquer something new, so you cant go wrong with gadgets.

Back to him and toilletries,
A new shaver or razor,
cleansing and cooling balms for before and after shaveing are becoming popular with most men these days,
a nice manicure set never goes a miss and his favourite after shave and smellies sets are always a big hit.

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  1. i will add to this as time allows but please feel free to list some of your gift ideas for the men in your life xxx