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Monday, 14 December 2009

Being Creative

As much as i have always loved watching people or programes on people being creative, i never really saw myself as the creative type, however when i look back i guess i can say ive had my moments.

When the kids were sml and money was tight (nowt new there then lol )i loved to go to the pound shop and buy their ornaments and bits and pieces and literally transform nothing into something.
My favourite weapon was spray paint, it came in all colours, textures, sparkles,plastic coating, ect ect.

I spray painted everything lol, ornaments, shelves, seat box in the window, even my microwave and that was 8 yrs ago and the paint job still going strong. (my microwave is actually 19 yrs old, we bought it for our first wedding anniversary ).

I spent one summer making the kids new clothes on the sewing machine, im no expert, just learned in school many moons ago now.
That xmas i made my girls some beautiful pram sets and buggy liners for their new prams off santy, which encouraged me to make some on a life size scale for friends and relations, i was quite proud of myself :).

From there i actually made some lovely fluffy dog pajama cases and sold them. i couldnt believe the orders i got for those, i must have made a hundred that xmas time.

My husband and i went through the knitting stage too, no my husbands not weird , hes a jack of all trades and wont be beat type of guy so booties and mitts it was lol.

No doubt there will be other things that spring to mind and il list those as time allows, but i may do a section on each individually in the new year where we can share our projects and ideas.

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