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It's All About You !
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Monday, 14 December 2009

Where And How My journey Began

I dont know for sure what it was that clicked in me, what got the ball rolling for my new out look on life, but i do recall sitting in front of utube one night watching my dear friend vivi's make up channel and thinking wow, she's incredible.

This beautiful and incredible young woman is the mother of twins under a year old, and here she was making time to share her knowledge with others.
Theres something about her spirit that just inspires me, shes down to earth, doesnt live beyond her means and thanks god every day for her blessings.

That night i realised that not everyone has to be a make up artist or model to make these video's and secretly wished i had the courage myself, but what did i know about make up ? very little as i was soon to discover.

Here i am in my early forties learning how to apply make up for the best effects, soaking up new tips and even creating cleaners and concocting make up of my own :).
For someone who only wore make up on a night out or special occasion, this was quite a discovery, ive decided its never too late to learn something new with make up and you are definately never too old if you know how .

Well this certainly opened the flood gates for me , i now had to gather as many new make up items as i could to sample and try out, i couldnt afford the big brand names so i turned to Ebay.
OMG,i think i just about have shares in the place now lol, im addicted big time, i get upset if something doesnt come through the post at least every other day lol.

As if the make up wasnt enough, i decided i was going to be one of those smart middle aged women now, hair done, make up on, that only left clothes, so i hit the internet and found a wonderful site for us larger ladies called "yours clothing", i died and went to heaven right there lol.

Suddenly i felt like the the beautiful swan emerging from the uckly duckling story, this butterfly had finally found her wings :).
I dont have any dillusions folks, im well aware im over weight and i may be a little too late to rediscover my youth, but the fact is, whilst it feels this good, im past careing what anyone thinks.

I would just like to thank vivi for being such an inspiration, and my family for encouraging me and everyone who has noticed the difference in me xxx


  1. sorry vivi, i tried to add links to your utube but they wont show for some reason, if i figure it out il come bk to it hun xxx

  2. Hey hun, I am just now getting around to catching up on your blog posts and I just saw this one. I am so proud of you! Honestly I think that you had it in you all along, you just had to realize it for yourself. Always remember a couple things...first and foremost, all that matters is what we and those we love think about one else matters. And second..just because some of us gals are a little lets just say on the more healthier looking doesn't mean that we can't be beautiful women! You are gorgeous hun on the inside as well as the outside and with both of those things you can never go wrong! Love you friend!