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It's All About You !
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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Tooth Whitening Challenge

after- first 5 minute session

the treatment


Im going to be shareing before, during and after pictures with you, so if your squeemish, skip this post lol.Il be doing this over a month so that we can see if theres any real difference and then we can rate it out of ten and il let you know where i purchased it and how much i paid for it.

Have you ever tried any of these new fangled tooth whiteners ?
if so why not share your stories and experiences of the products you have tried, and tell us how successful you thought they were.
Marks out of 10 would be great, just mention the product name, how much you paid for it and how well you think it did , so others can decide for themselves if they would like to try any of them.


  1. ok, i gave this a go tonight, its simple enough to do but i did find that after 5 minutes it made my teeth pretty sensitive.

    It says on the tube to leave it on for 15 -20 mins max for heavily stained teeth, but im not going to be able to achieve that unless i get used to the sensitivity.

    I will try to do this morning and night for the next two weeks and see if it makes any difference.
    Iam taking pictures but im not sure if i can add more than one per main post, il have to check that out.x

  2. sorry guys but ive had to put this on hold as im living in with my son in the hospital whilst hes in intensive care and have no idea how long wel be there.
    i will promise to compleate this project once we are back home and settled though.

    in the mean time, can anyone tell me what cases our gums to receede, causing gaps between our teeth, and if so is there anything we can do about it as i find mine very un attractive .