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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Xmas Gift Ideas For Her

Whether you are feeling flush or you have a tight budget to spend on xmas presents for the wonderful ladies in your life this year, i hope this list might help you with some last minute ideas.

A new coat,
to make her feel dressy and classy, or perhaps a shawl or poncho, those are handy for people like me who hate to shop in a big heavy coat.

Hat, Gloves and Scarf set

A pretty silk scarf or a funky scarf to help dress up and add life to an old coat never comes in wrong,
and if your lady is a little more mature, how about a broach or pretty scarf pin.

New shoes or boots to match that special outfit shes bought for the new year celebrations will add a touch of style and a smile to her face, and if you are really flush, why not add a bag to those shoes too :).

Underwear is always a special but very personal touch, if you are going to get this type of gift, be sure to find out her correct size so that you dont offend lol.

You cant go wrong with night ware, most people wear it every day in some form or fashion, so pajama's, a nice chemise or teddy, a nightie and dressing gown or wrap would work well and if you can manage it, throw in some slippers too.
Makeing sure your items are pretty or serve a purpose, shows you have made an effort whenchoosing your gifts which always impresses.

Accessories of any description never come in wrong, be it jewellry, bags and shoes, make up ect ect.
If you are a little concerned about making a good choice to suit her taste, ask her girlfriends, they will have the best ideas on her style, likes and dislikes.

When chooseing jewellery, play it safe by either chooseing something you know shes had her eye on, or get something that will compliment her favourite dress or outfit, she guarenteed to wear it just to get another new look and feel out of her favourite clothes.The same applies to hair accessories, although you can afford to be a little flamboyant with hair pins, clips and bobbles, they are bound to match something.

now here you need to be very careful because your beloved may take offense at certain items like a hoover, or an iron ect unless she has specifically asked for such items, so try to play it safe and think girlie first, then think needs.

Hair Products
a new hair dryer would be a welcome gift, there are so many to choose from now and many have added accessories which is always a bonus and can make it apear more of an expensive gift.

The same applies to straightners, curling brushes, tongs and the like, these are always welcome new gifts, but try to take notice of what the women in your life uses on a daily basis for her hair care so you dont end up with unwanted or unused gift items.

If your sweet heart, friend , sister or mother is a diva in the kitchen, its ok to go to those electicals that will help her whisk up a storm, if she can impress her friends and family with it, itl be a hit, guarenteed.

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  1. i will continue to add to my lists over time but please feel free to add some ideas of your own, id love to hear them x