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It's All About You !
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Monday, 14 December 2009

People Whom I Admire

I have always had a lot to be greatful for in my life, despite not having the easiest of times as those of you who know me will be aware, but id like to take the time to let those people that have touched my heart and inspired me know just how special they really are.

First on my special list right now has to be my son mark, mark is disabled, hes been through hell and back all his life and yet never complains and always finds a smile.
Hes had a really tough time of things lately, infact hes in hospital as i write this, hes been in hospital three times in the past 5 weeks, noone knows whats causing his troubles so his treatment is on going.

Mark is my little tin man , my soldier or warrior, an inspiration to everyone, his charector leaves people laughing and smileing for days,i believe he was sent not to test me, but to enlighten me and those around him to show just how special the disabled really are and that they are indeed humans with needs and wants like you and i.
god love you babes, im so proud of you :)

Next up has to be my eldest daughter, she has been my brick for the past few years, if i ever faulterd she simply stepped into my shoes and took over, allowing me time to get myself together.
But for her fiery temper, she is almost saintly when it comes to putting others needs first.
i love you dearly babes, thankyou.

Next in line is my youngest daughter, the kindest soul you could ever hope to meet, a more gentle soul i have yet to meet.
She inspires so many people and is treat with the utmost respect from all of her friends.
im a very proud mam, thankyou babes.

Next up has to be my husband , hes put up with some stick over the years lol, but hes still around and we have just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary, so yes, i admire you too hun, thankyou .

My parents and my brothers family have always been close to my heart and we remain close even today, im very greatful for that.

My best friend stevie, an angel sent from god, its true he works in mysterious ways as this angel is 6ft 4 and not the petitist of fellows :).
He has however come into not only my life but my families and made a place here in our hearts just when i needed him most.

Stevie has been fighting his own battle with cancer this past year, but hes holding up and staying strong, our love and hearts are with him through this tough time, god bless you my friend.

Many people have touched my life, id love to mention each and everyone and why but there wouldnt be enough room for that so il just mention a few names to make me happy.

VAL, LIZ, STEVEN, ANN, VIVI, MISSY, MAX, BILL ,RAY , god bless you all xxx


  1. Aww Wen, we have been friends for a few years now and I consider myself privilaged to know you. Thank you as well!

  2. bless you my friend, love ya xxx

  3. Awwh, this whole write up is really touching, as for me, Mark and Gemma we are all so very proud to call you our mam and our friend :)It is true, we do have some amazing people around us and i couldn't be more greatful, my family and my friends are my life and i know that together we can get through anything. Best wishes to Marky, wishing, praying <3. I love you mam. xxx

  4. aww bless you sweety, youve just made my day, i love you and thankyou xxx

  5. thank you for the kind comments about me, moving in mysteroius ways eh! dunno about that, usuallly if I am sneaking out to the pub. Its a pleasure to know you and be your friend. You have a terrific family.



  6. thankyou stevie hun, love to ya my friend xxx