It's All About You !

It's All About You !
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Monday, 14 December 2009

Ready for a new start

As we look forward to the holidays, it always gives me cause to reflect on times gone by, the people who have come and gone and just how far my family has come in the past year or so.

This years end has been a time of re-discovery for myself, after spending several years locked inside my own personal prison i finally feel like i can spread my wings and fly.

As a way of keeping myself motivated on my journey of re-discovery i decided to create this blog, in the hopes that not only can i achieve all i set out to do, but that i can share it with you, good or bad and hopefully gain some new friends, ideas and inspiration along the way.

I am hopeing to touch on all kinds of projects, big and small, shareing my ideas, tips and personal views with you, and if something grabs your attention and you would like to comment or share your thoughts with me, then please feel free to do so.

Im wanting to create a personal calender of things to do and achieve, so hopefully those projects will keep you entertained month by month.
I will list what i hope to achieve before i start a project and i will document and where applicable add pictures for you to see.

If you like to join me on my journey, feel free to jump on for the ride, id be glad to have you for company :)


  1. This is really strange, but I had a similar idea to this. Recently I've been thinking a lot about a new start and what 2010 is going to be like. I've had a good clear out of Facebook, got new email addresses and cleared the comp. I'm clearing the flat of things I really should get rid of and then I will have had the physical clear out to go along with the mental one. I created a blog, but won't get round to writing in it properly until the new year. I for one will be following your work both here and in person when I can. Maybe you could follow me too and we'll keep each other in check lol Love you so much hun and here's to a really happy and worth while 2010 Steven xx

  2. thats great steven, what have you created your blog on ? cant wait to have a nosey :)
    will be happy to keep in touch as blogging buddies , shareing ideas and opinions , could be interesting to say the least lol.
    Heres to exciting times ahead hun, i love you loads xxx