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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Wow, what a busy time - mark's 21st

Its been real crazy here this past week or so, we have been trying to get the house and garden ready to celebrate my belated sons 21st birthday to honour him.

The weather has been all over the place so we couldnt get a lot done in the garden last week and this week we need to spend most of our time inside.

The plan is to do some last minute weeding and wash the garden furniture on thursday or friday at the latest as the birds love to poop on it.
I have 4 garden benches, a table and 2 chairs and every one gets the hammer from the birds, pesky things .

We will be filling our garden with lots of new assorted and bright windmills and ornaments that my son always looked forward to on every birthday, (that was nans treat every year and she hasnt let us down this year either :) )

We need to go over and strip marks grave/garden of its usual attire on friday and replace it with lots of new and bright things to celebrate his big day, we will be digging the soil over and hopefully reducing the mound of soil that has not yet sank.

Friday evening our very special friend from scotland will be coming to stay, to join in the celebrations along with almost 40 other people on saturday, which would have been/ is marks actual birthday.
However, wel be back over at midnight on friday to toast him at his garden and have a lil bit of private time with him before the hustle and bustle later on the saturday.

The plan for saturday is to meet at the grave site (marks garden) at 1pm where we will be wishing him a very happy birthday,singing and then letting off 21 helium balloons along with two big bubble machines to mark the occasion.
Friends and loved ones will get their chance to say a few words and leave sml gifts, then after that wel be coming back to my house and all being well into the garden to have a bite to eat, chat, remember him and to listen to his favourite tunes and maybe have a sing a long too.

Im actually looking forward to it although i know its going to be really tough, ive been so up a height this week, my brain just wont switch off and the tears are flowing at the drop of a hat so im physically and mentally exhausted, but in the end i wouldnt change his big day for anything :).

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