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Monday, 7 June 2010

Time for a ramble

Its been a while since i popped in just for a ramble or a rant so i thought id give you that honour today :) .
Its a pretty busy time for me at the moment as im trying to get my garden sorted out in time for my sons birthday memorial, we have been busy with it for some time now but we seem to be over run with weeds and that damn mile a minute that chokes everything grrr.
Its crazy, just when you think everythings coming together and its looking good and tidy, we get some more wet weather, in come the slugs and weeds, then next day its blazing sun again, so everything looks pretty sorry for itself.

We will be honouring my son at his grave side first, then coming bk here for a lil buffet and hot/cold drinks hopefully in the garden if its nice enough weather.

The night before i have a special friend coming to visit to help mark the occasion so im trying to keep on top of the house too, and today we signed on as available to go bk to work ,so theres that to deal with also.

To say things are getting a lil tense as im not good under pressure these days, is an understatement, hense coming up here to give my family a break from my nagging .

Oh well, the time out seems to have helped a lil, so thanks for reading :) x

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