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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

E.L.F Makeup and Reviews

To be fair i only ever used their nail polishes on false nails, they are a lil runny but two coats makes and keeps a nice coat.

I love E.L.F'S powder eyeshadows, they are well pigmented and last a long time.

The liquid eyeliners work a treat but personally i just cant get the hang of it, so i paint the stuff onto a brush to apply :) .

The eye cream is well pigmented also, i havent really used this enough to make a fair comment but it is very easy to apply.

Get the look sets, i got two of these and id reccomend them for someone starting out or trying to get a spacific look , as it holds everything you need and also give instructions for use on all their products.

The candy shop lip tins are the bomb, these are beautiful and are easily slipped into your pocket or bag for touch ups, they smell great .

Lip liners, although i did purchase some of these i havent yet tried them out as im not a big lip liner user, so il hold my opinion on this for now.
Im not sure if it was just an offer at the time or not, but when i purchased my lip and eye liners, each came with their own individual pencil sharpener :).

Eye liners, hmmm now im a bit on the fence with these, ive only tried the black one so far but to me it seems more charcoal than black. i cant get these to stay on my water line, but they do work above the top water line well, so 50/50 on this one guys.

The Blushers are really pretty, not to heavily pigmented, just enough to give a nice glow.

Shimmering Facial Whip- this is meant to be a multi use product for eyes, cheeks and lips, but i find it goes powdery /grainy on the lips, i havent tried it on my eyes but , i love love love this on my cheeks as a high light or to gove a shimmering glow.Top marks for that alone.

Bronzers, to be fair i havent tried this as yet, il get back to you on this one .

All over cover stick, i have not used this in its rightful capacity as yet, but i have tried it as blush and highlight and it works a treat :).

I have several elf brushes and i love them, they dont fall to bits or loose their hairs, they clean well and keep their shape.

Eye Lash Curlers, i dont use these much at all to be honest, but in all fairness when i have they work pretty well .

Earth and Water Mascara, i have two of these but as yet have not tried them, il get back to you when i do .

Eyeshadow Quads, great pigment, long lasting, easy to apply.

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