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It's All About You !
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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

What are your favourite every day looks ?

Why not share your favourite every day look for the summer with us, you can name products and brands if you wish but it isnt neccessary, just tell us your best colour combos for your eyes, lips and cheeks ect.
Feel free to share pictures if you like :)

Personally i like pastel colours for the summer but i try to stay pretty minimal where i can, i use a creme concealer in two shades for dark circles and any red on my face, then a mixed full coverage foundation, then i apply a lil of the concealer to my lids just to add a touch of colour and to prime my eyes in preperation for my eye liner.

I have taken to using pastel coloured eye crayons from NYX to line the top of my lid, just wide enough to be seen over my lashes, i may use the same pencil under my bottom lashes too, or i might just use a black on the water line.

I then use a waterproof mascara in black to thicken and lengthen my lashes,after that i apply a pretty but neutral shade in powder blush to my apples, sometimes i might add a touch of ELF's shimmering facial whip to highlight the cheekbones to give them a nice glow.

Last but not least i tend to go for pinks or corals/peaches in lipsticks just now and i am partial to a bit of lip gloss these days too :)

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