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Monday, 7 June 2010

My Attempt At Making A Nappy Ring Gift

I actually made this a few months ago now as a gift for my nieces first baby girl Kaycee Leigh, unfortunately i never thought about making a tutorial video for it as it was just a trial and error type thing, my first try at it.

When it was compleate it had so much more added to it such as babies cleanseing lotions and potions, teething ring, spoons ect, unfortunately again, i didnt get any pics of the finnished item, but i still thought that this was nice enough to show you.
I also dressed the cuddly in a babies dress and panties, put bobbles on it ears to make it pretty, but everything was aimed at the baby and was to be used for the baby.

I am hopeing to give these another try in the not so distant future so il try to get some tutorials done for you all, i hope you like it :) x

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