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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Cheap and pretty compromises- broaches

For those that are into them, accessories of all styles are in full swing this summer, the most popular accessories being anything bright and flowery.
Flowery head bands, belts, bobbles ect ect, for me, its flowery broaches, or should i say ammended broaches :).

I went to our local make up store today, in there they sell make up ( of course ) but many other accessories such as jewellry, tiaras, fancy dress stuff and lots of hair extensions, wigs and an assortment of hair bobbles ect.

I found the most gorgous hair bobbles that would be a great asset to many an outfit, lots of glitter and feathers ect, but especially flowers, i was in heaven and my brain started ticking over lol.

I took a few down to look at how they were made and what was on the back of them i.e bobble or clip and discoverd that these would be soooo simple to turn into broaches, either for your clothes or bags ect.

At £1.25 a piece, i bought 4 of them, a sml price to pay to make something go from casual smart to dressy in an instant dont you think ?

When i got home, i cut off the bobble, removed the back very carefully, popped in a safety pin and then hot glued the back over again, simple as that, job done.

Take a look, im wearing one on my cardigan, the rest i have hanging from a piece of ribbon in my boudoir, i hope you like :) x

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