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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Mark's 21st Birthday Celebrations

Marks birthday was a mixed bag of emotions as you might imagine, it seemed that if it COULD go WRONG, it DID go wrong, although it turned out fine in the end.

On the friday we had gone over to marks garden/grave to turn the soil, freshen it up and add all his new stuff for his birthday.
That night we went back over at midnight to have a sml celebration to ourselves before the antics of the following day, well it was blowing a gale, we had helium balloons to tie up that blew away, we had sparklers to set that wouldnt light, and most heart breaking was the chineese lanturn we had hope to send up in his honour.
It took that long to try and light it, that after 45 minutes the balloon was in shreds with the wind, i was gutted as was his big sister who had got the balloon for him.

Luckily after freezing and much dissapointment, uncle ian came across and let off some fire works for him which lifted our spirits and put us in good stead for the day ahead.

Forty odd people turned up at marks garden to celebrate his birthday, it was a real honour and did my heart proud.
We sang happy birthday, sprinkled 21st and balloon foil confetti on his grave,set off 3 large bubble machines and finally after some dalay, his helium balloons arrived.

The balloons was the moment everyone was waiting for, 21 bright coloured balloons released in marks honour, he would have loved it :)
Unfortunately the wind whisked them straight away , but we were lucky enough to cath them on camera before they dissapeared.

Friends and family came bareing gifts and cards, some were put straight on the grave, others brought back to the house because of the winds, (but each one finally spent time on his garden, i made sure of that).

Everyone came back to the house for tea/coffee and a bouffet,we played all marks favourite tunes, they stayed until 6pm.
Later that night our family went to finnish the day off with a celebratory drink with friends, so all in all it was a wonderful day and i cant thank everyone enough.

Il be sharing some pics of the day with you asap .

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