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Monday, 5 April 2010

Sundays Report

Today we celebrated my 8 year old nephews birthday, so a buffet dinner it was,
sandwiches, sausage rolls, pizza and a bit of chocolate cake, what is a girl to do lol.

Later that evening i had s.w potato fritters, chops and beans
In the evening i had a very naughty packet of rolos, but its my only temptation as i made sure no one bought me easter eggs, i got go ahead biscuits instead for easter.

My new weigh in starts on tuesady but i am hopeing to have a better week this week without so many cheats or slip ups, but it was the exercise i was hopeing to get back on track as i hardly had any at all this past week.
But unfortunately that may prove a bit of a problem this week as i will be away from home a lot this week so il just have to do the best i can with my eating and exercise as and when i can.

Unfortunately life doesnt give me too many breaks of late so il go with the flow and keep you all posted.


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