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Sunday, 16 January 2011

My New List Of Things To Do This Year 2011

Before i start i must realise that i am only human and that i can only do so much in one day, that it would be easier to list my ideas other than try to start something new everyday and stress about not getting it done or finished.

So here goes...

Im going to go back to basics and make myself a cleaning schedule, something that involves the whole family.

Im going to try and organise our meals for the week with a new healthy outlook.
This will be a challenge as ive never planned meals ahead before.

Im going to try my best to use up our left overs by creating other meals and snacks with them as there is so much food waste in this house and not enough money to warrent it.

I need to organise my recipees into folders of things that are quick , simple yet nutritious and easy to make.
Il create certain food catagories then suggestions for meal accompaniments.

I need go through my kitchen cupboards and organise them all again, we have let things slide this past year so thats a must.

We certainly need to declutter certain areas of our house, like the loft, its like an aladins cave of things that arnt being used, thanks to my hubby being a hoarder.
Although im frightened of heights i will get up there and be strict about what stays and what goes because surely if we havent used it in a year or two its unlikely we ever will and the bonus or upside for me would not only be less clutter, but i may find things to recycle which would be great fun.

Id like to remove all our dvds from our bookcase and store them into plastic containers and use the bookcase with a new fresh look instead.

Id like to give my front room a new lease of life with a paint colour change, im fancying a fresh pale green and white so far so wel see how that goes.

We need re organise our wardrobes and have a clear out and change out any seasonal clothing.

Id like to redo my daughters bedroom floor with wood flooring.

Thats about all i can think of off the top of my head but il add more if neccessary as i think of them. x

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