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It's All About You !
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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Feeling a little Humbled right now

My youngest daughters fella and i were having a conversation tonight about weird dreams ect that ultimately led to conversations about Seances and Ouija boards and then to my experiences with Spirit and such. 

 Talking about my many different experiences with spirit and the paranormal has humbled me no end and made me remember just how privileged i have been to be honored with such trust and insight, even though its been a roller coaster of emotions for both myself and the people involved. 

I have seen and experienced some wonderful things, i have earned the trust and devotion of many people who have asked for my help in the past, although not every experience has been a good one and may have given the most hardened skeptic nightmares. These experiences have taught me, honor, respect, honesty, self control, and a lot of different ways to view the world both as a believer and a skeptic.

 I realised tonight just how much i miss being involved, but spirit is the teacher, it knows when one is too weak or lacks the strength to carry on in a meaningful and non harmful manner and will almost certainly shut you down to help you heal if neccessary. 

I have not lost my gifts, however i have lost my confidence which keeps me from jumping back in with feet first but im glad as i know im not strong enough to be as involved as i once was right now. 

Its funny how much we take for granted even in situations like mine, i remember writing my answer to a post i put on here yesterday about whether it might be possible to sense death before it happens. I wrote my answer so matter of factly and without issue that when i read it back to myself it made me take stock.

 How does someone say they can sense terminal illness and know how long they have left to live without flackering, like its nothing ?
 Its Megga, its not normal, its horrible and yet i can do that and have done on several occasions.
 It must have sounded so callous and unforgiving, but trust me its not.

 Im emphatic, which means i feel their pain, anxiety, the tole the illness has took apon that body and ultimately how they feel about themselves at that time.
 I can read the pain on someones face, or see the lost soul behind the eyes, struggling and hanging on even though some just wish to go to sleep and not wake up to end the suffering both for themselves and their families.
 So no, its not something i take lightly and i have no idea why i have been left with it only to say, for those i have told it has been a blessing to the families, its helped prepare them and it gives them real insight into whats truely going on with that person.

 I hope this helps explain a little about what being sensitive involves and how it effects me as an individual as we are all very different when it comes to this kind of thing. 
 Thanks for reading xxx

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