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It's All About You !
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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Howdy Folks - New Challenge

Long time no see my friends, i must appologise as its been a really hectic year already and its no where near getting any easier just yet. However ive been wanting to get back on here for a while now but ive been very indecisive about what i want to do next. Im in two minds whether to give up my website or to put as much of the content on here as is plausable, but then my third mind tells me to just give its content to another site, GRRRRR whats a girl to do ???? Anyway before i beat myself up over that decision any more today, i thought id share with you the challenge i set myself over the weekend. I decided that i was going to shop my own stock of toiletries and try my damnest not to purchase anything i dont need no matter how tempting it is. Now weve been doing very well with embracing our frugal lives as far as making my own soap powder/liquids and softner , plus cleaning solutions for my kitchen ect, but im excited to move on to hand and body lotions and soaps ect but i want to use up everything we have before i do so im not tempted to bottle out or have waste. I love experimenting with home made things and so far i havent been dissapointed, but we have a ton of products to use up first that ive either bought or weve recieved as gifts ect. My youngest daughter who is almost 21, is practically trying every brand of brand named shampoo, conditioner and body washes at the moment and i have to admit, sometimes i cant resist the urge to try it at least once. Luckily for me i appreciate she buys her stuff with her own money there for it is hers and i dont abuse the fact, as much as she would let me so my challenge will be both fun and pretty daunting at the same time. Pop back to find out how it goes in future posts, all the best xxx

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  1. ok ive decided to start off loading my website stuff over here as there is just way too much good material to let it go to waste, so please bare with me as we hit a multitude of topic areas, i hope you will enjoy them x