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Monday, 11 January 2010

Getting Prepared For Cupboard Organization

I went into the town today to get some plastic storage boxes to use in my kitchen cupboard organization.
Whilst i only have one and a half days , twice a week to do anything due to hospital stays with my son, i did take the time to check out and clear most of the clutter from 3 of my kitchen cupboards, i then sat back and looked at what was left, i made notes as to how and where id like to store certain items according to their use.

i also made a concious decision to better organise our personal mail ect that we recieve and have to deal with daily, so i will be trying to create a cupboard or space like a sml office so that nothing gets overlooked and every day things will be better managed.

This will take some more thought as to how it will work to suit everyone and hopefully bennefit everyone in the long term, so it will be a work in progress that hopefully i will be able to share with you once ive got it up and running, so watch out for that in a future blog.

Hopefully il be able to take some pictures to show you these works in progress as i go along, if that proves too time consuming il do a before and after picture and explain what i did, how and what i used and where i got things from.
until next time,
take care xxx

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  1. Why is it that now the house is quieter i just cant seem to get my head around my kitchen cupboards organization ?

    I did have a go at my cupboard under the sink, lordy for such a small space, it holds a lot of cleaning products and household goods.

    My intention was to put a collection of certain groups of cleaners together into seperate plastic containers to make them more easily accessible, but oh no, it wasnt going to be that simple, grrrrr.

    Some of the bottles didnt fit on certain shelves or they didnt fit on the shelf in their correct catagory, i played about with this for over an hour getting more and more frustrated, eventually walking away and leaving everything on my benches before i started throwing things in frustration.

    Well i had to admit defeat, my poor hubby put everything back in the cupboard without the containers, sure everything fit, but its far from organized, i have to pull things out to find anything, tut.

    So i think the solution would be to either splash out and buy new containers for all my products and label them myself or ,
    change what products im using.

    I intend to in the not to distant future , test and try a lot of kim and aggies home remedies for cleaning.
    If i can get bicarbonate of soda in vast amounts locally, il be sold lol.
    Seriously, plenty of bicarb, bottles of white vinegar, lemon juice, sugar soap , tooth paste and salt and we are fit to clean every room in the house.

    Imagine how much easier it would be to store those items instead of all the bulky items i have now, sounds like heaven to me, so watch this space guys, i will conqour the under the sink cupboard eventually :) x