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Sunday, 31 January 2010

For the love of good people

As some of you will already know, i buried my son on monday the 25th of january, we had a beautiful service carried out by a spiritulist, susan gibson.
We had stipulated that flowers were to be presented by close family only and that donations would be appreciated, the proceeds to go to marks favourite youth club and to his wonderful friends.
People gave so very generously, we raised 700 pounds for the kids,
out of that money, a trophy is being made, the "Mark Jacobs" trophy, this will be presentented to the best sports achiever of the year, as mark was the special needs football teams mascott and it will be passed on every year.

That really touched my heart, just knowing that different people would be using that club, not knowing anything of mark and yet they will hear such wonderful stories of his time there.

Well to be quite honest, we have been having a real bad time of things lately, the change is beyond anything we imagined, and everything dissapears so suddenly, so it blew me away to hear from my husbands fishing pals that they too had donated the proceeds of their tickets and the winners prize money of a fishing competition they had today to our family to help us out a little.
They too are buying a trophy cup in marks honour and i couldnt be any prouder if i tried, over half of these men have never even met mark, yet they have supported my husband through every operation hed ever had and ultimately, his death.

It does my heart good to know there really are still some good people in the world, and despite our terrible loss and the troubles ahead, we are still being thought of and for that i will be eternally greatful.

Thank you to each and everyone of you that have supported us during this time xxx

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