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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Appologies For The Delay- update on my son

Id like to take this oppertunity to firstly appologise for not setting my new goals in motion as yet and for not being able to compleate my first task, please let me explain.

For those that have been following my blog most will know that my son mark has been very seriously ill in hospital for around 8 weeks now.

Mark stopped breathing on the 23rd of december, he was rushed from one hospital to another on a ventilator, which he remained on for several days, being taken from his mouth to his nose and is now luckily on 50% oxygen but breating for himself.

He has had two operations on his brain, the first to relieve fluid and pressure from his brain, the second to apply new apparatous to ensure that the fluid and pressure is kept at bay by the means of a shunt.
(if anyone would like to know more about this, just ask).

Unfortunately mark isnt making much progress at all, he has no swallow and is being tube fed, he has a machine that helps him to cough and combat a cheast infection,his movements are very involentary and hes making no real attempt at speach or eye contact.
he can fix on us but just how much he hears or sees is anyones guess right now, will he improve ? whilst we have many people praying for mark, there are no real guarentees, hes still a very sick lil man.

At the moment, my husband, my two daughters and myself are taking it in turns to stay in the hospital with him whilst we can.
We are in our second room in the hostal thats attatched to I.C.U and H.D.U, though they are just temporary until someone else needs it that has futher to travel than our 14 miles to reach and be with their loved ones at the hospital.

I hadnt planned on bringing so much of my private life to this blog, at least not this early, but this is real life and i cant pretend its not happening so please bare with me if i do the odd update or need to rant from time to time.

Thankyou for your patience and understanding
wendy xxx

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