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It's All About You !
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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Personal Update- life goes on

Well who would have guessed that there would be so many changes in my life this past month, i have finally taken a part time job at a local home wares store near where i live.
Whats so exciting about that you may ask ?
well i havent been employed in over 20 years because i chose to care for my disabled son at home until he passed away in january, not only that but i hadnt left my home alone in over six years until i started my job last monday, so some really big changes for me just now.

How am i finding work after all this time ?
Hard, hard on the body as im using muscles i havent used in ages, my poor feet are getting hammerd in hobnail boots with steel toe caps that weigh a ton, but hey, its a job right lol.

My brain is getting frazzled with codes and numbers and computers, i seriously dont think at this moment in time il ever get the gist of it all but il hang on in their and see what happens lol.

On top of that great news, my youngest daughter took a weekend job in a bar, just to earn her some pocket money whilst shes still at collage, shes really enjoying it so far, and my husband has put an application in for a job , all in the same week so you can imagine my head is still reeling lol.

So forgive me if i fall a little behind with some posting guys, but i will get back into it on a regular basis again once i find my feet and can learn to pace myself a little better, as lately my pc time has been really limited, so please bare with me.

Take care for now my friends and watch this space for more updates :) xxx

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