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It's All About You !
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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Life is having a laugh - at me !

Well there i was, struggling to get my head around everything in my new job when hey presto, guess what ? i end up in casualty because the bottom of my left foot collapsed.
So im into my second week on the sick this week, and feeling pretty fed up, chaseing around to try and get some money to get us through this time whilst im off.
My head is totally done in with forms, phone calls and paper work, it would have been easier to be at work :(

Truth is im actually missing my job, i love mixing and dealing with the public, im pretty good at it too if i say so myself lol, i know its hard work and there are a few hiccups here and there, but in general i really like it.
The staff have all been really great with me, very patient and giving, and already i think i have found my go to buddies.

I was just starting to take a young lad under my wing, hes such a funny charector, but what a lil gentleman, or maybe he was taking me under his wing, either way i miss him.

Other staff members were just starting to show there true colours too so i hope that doesnt change by the time i get back as it was so much more relaxed.

Apart from that ive been using the time to try and get my head around xmas and what i need for pressies ect, ive got some bits and pieces but ive still got a ways to go yet.

Im looking forward to spending the day out shopping with both of my beautiful daughters tommorow, its a rare occurance for us all to be together these days so im quite excited about it, i dont much care about my shopping as long as they are happy and get what they need :)

Anyway, thats me caught up again for now, il post again soon and hopefully have some more gift ideas and tutorials for you in the very near future.

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