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It's All About You !
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Friday, 23 July 2010

Where does the time go ?

There really doesnt seem to be enough hours in my days at the moment, any spare time i do have i spend on my pc searching images and videos for craft and gift ideas, lord knows my pc is fit to bust lol.

I have managed to create a few simple crafts just to get a taster but im pretty frustrated that i dont have everything i need to be able to just get on with some things.

It takes time, money and patience to collect everything i need and it seems i have very lil of either just now , but i live in hope so that i dont give up, after all this will be my main focus for xmas gifts and the likes this year.

My main focus will be in creating home made gifts at a price i can afford, that hopefully will still show my warmth and affection instead of the fact that im skint lol.

I have sooo many ideas in my head that i go to bed thinking of them, i dream of them and then they wake me up in the morning too, so you could say i have the crafting bug folks :).

Il take some pics of the things i have created real soon but please remember to be kind even if it looks like a six year old created them as i have not a creative bone in my body lol.

Il sign off here and catch you all again soon,
hugs xxx


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