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It's All About You !
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Friday, 10 September 2010

Is it too soon to be thinking about christmas ?

When do you start thinking about your christmas shopping ?

Personally i have always started the week after the kids go back to school due to having so many people to buy for, and starting in september still allows for some good bargain buying before the prices go sky high in the shops.

Up until this year, i never really had to worry too much about money, dont get me wrong i wasnt rich, but i certainly wasnt destitute either, i could buy at will (within reason)as and when something caught my eye, that is no longer the case.

Due to circumstances beyond our control our money situation is about as tight as it gets , so il be christmas shopping on a tight budget this year and whilst for most people that may seem pretty daunting, it has help me discover a whole new meaning to shareing and giving at this special time.

Some of you may have already read that i have been trying my hand at a few different home made crafts, im not brilliant at it, but to me that makes it all the more special because you can see the effort and thought thats gone into making whatever it is.

A lot of people are put off by the idea of giving home made gifts fearing that they may be frowned apon as being a cheap skate, if thats the case then in my mind those people arnt truely your friends, i really cant think of a better gift myself.
(ok maybe a new body but we all have dreams right ? lol )

Any way, im going to be shareing some youtube videos of things either id like to try or have tried so that you can perhaps try them for yourself, whatever the occasion may be.
If you do try any of them, please dont be shy to share your videos or pictures with us, in the mean time how about shareing a list of ideas of things that you have made or would like to try, to help with some new ideas for everyone.

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