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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Most Popular Makeup Colours for Hazel Eyes

Popular Makeup Colours for Hazel Eyes

When your eyes are green, use these colors.

# Gold, Bronze, Copper
# Brown, Chocolate, Mustard Yellow
# Peach, Beige, Champagne, Taupe, Apricot
# Plum, Mauve, Purple, Violet, Pink
# Deep and Mossy Green shades

When your eyes are blue, use these colors.

# pink, rose, violet, lavender
# gray, silver, copper
# dark blue, light blue, turquoise
# charcoal, black, brown

When your eyes are brown, use these colors

# Brown, Beige, Tan
# Gray, charcoal
# Khaki, olive green, Mocha
# Bronze, gold
# Violet, lavender, blue

The best way to get makeup colors for hazel eyes right, is by experimentation. You don't have to spend a lot to get it right though! It's inexpensive to buy all your makeup from e.l.f. Cosmetics, where all makeup is always $1!

If you're not sure which makeup colors look best on you, you'll need to know which season you are!

One of the best things about having hazel eyes is that they change colors depending on the clothes you wear. Its a good idea (for the days it matters most), to select your makeup colors based on the colors of the clothes you choose to wear that day. Most of the time, your beautiful hazel eyes reflect the colors that surround them!

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