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It's All About You !
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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Last Years Goals

How well did you do with your last years New year resolutions or goals , did you manage to achieve them all, some, a few or none ?

I didnt do quite as well as the year before but i did achieve or at least touch on some things from my list of things that i wanted to achieve.

So here is a list of my goals that i achieved or touched on...

I learned how to make a lot of home made cleaning and washing stuff, with a lot of help from pinteret, it inspired me to try different things and i did.
I tried the bench cleaner, the drain unblocker, the hand soap and washing powder and softner, i used all of them constantly for about 9 months , until i realised that although my clothes were clean, they had gone very dull looking and somethings went grey, especially the whites.
 I do intend to still try other things, i love being able to create and make things that are practical.

As for learning new Beauty Tips and Ideas, thats an on going process and it never fails to excite me and inspire me.
I am thinking of toning things down a little due to my age, but i am at peace with my makeup routines just now.

Home Organization, started off brilliantly, lapsed on and off but i do enjoy organization so i always come back to it eventually.
Getting the rest of the family to follow suit is the hardest part .

Healthy Eating was a nightmare, im constantly concerned about eating healthier but unfortunately my food budget makes if very difficult for me to get my head around it and work something out.
I am however going to look into it again this year and hopefully start using my new crock pot .

Gardening was not my strong point, we managed to clear it but our budget didnt allow for any drastic changes which i was really dissapointed about, but wel see what this yr has to bring.

I didnt learn any more on frugal living other than what i already new and i didnt create any gifts as such last year as sometimes by the time you buy what you need to create something, its not always cheaper.
I will however keep it in mind because it something i enjoy doing.

Anyway, that is my Hits and Misses from last year, 
How did you do ? xxx

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